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Natural Stone

Natural Stone Repair & Restoration | Fabra-Cleen | NY | NJ | CT

We Can Restore Your Natural Stone Surfaces

If your natural stone has a dull, stained, or dirty appearance, or if it has been damaged, don’t replace it. At Fabra-Cleen, we offer expert cleaning, polishing, repair and restoration services for all types of natural stone surfaces, including marble and limestone, granite, travertine, slate, and terrazzo. From cracks, chips, and bad seams to etching and efflorescence, we can resolve virtually any problem you encounter with natural stone floors or countertops at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  We can even repair lippage, that is, uneven tiles that not only make the floor look bad, but can also pose a trip and fall hazard. Your floors can look brand new again!

Marble & Limestone

No stone can match the elegance of marble, but if your marble is stained, dull and dirty-looking or damaged, that beauty is radically diminished. Fabra-Cleen’s experienced marble restorers are thoroughly educated and trained to identify and resolve problems with marble…

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We polish, restore, and maintain granite, and provide any granite services you may need, including crack and chip repair, removing topical coatings, and removing stains. We can also determine whether your granite needs to be sealed to protect it from staining…

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Travertine is an attractive and versatile stone that wears well and, if properly maintained, will last a lifetime. However, it is sensitive to acidic substances, therefore vulnerable to etching, even when it is sealed…

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Slate is a textured and uneven stone, and it cannot be cleaned and restored by just anyone. The professional technicians at Fabra-Cleen are thoroughly educated and trained in slate restoration…

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Fabra-Cleen can restore your terrazzo floors, honing and polishing away the stained and damaged surface to reveal the glistening little specks of marble and the brand new surface hidden underneath…

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