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Poor, misunderstood terrazzo.

First, people inappropriately used layer upon layer of coatings to make their terrazzo floors shine. Then, when these layers became discolored, scuffed, and dirty-looking, they covered their terrazzo with some other flooring. But now, terrazzo is making a comeback. People are discovering that with professional restoration, it can look brand new again, and with proper maintenance, terrazzo is one of the easiest flooring surfaces to keep clean. If you have a terrazzo floor that looks like it is a lost cause, don’t give up hope.

You’ll be amazed at what we can do with terrazzo.

The professional technicians at Fabra-Cleen are expert stone restorers, thoroughly educated and trained in identifying and resolving problems with terrazzo. We can restore your terrazzo floors, honing and polishing away the stains and damage surface to reveal the brand new surface hidden underneath. You’ll see the little specks of marble glisten once again when we achieve a gloss or matte finish that eliminates the need to wax and strip.

Visit our portfolio to view examples of our work cleaning, repairing, and restoring floors.

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