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It’s a different kind of natural stone.

Slate is a textured and uneven stone, and it cannot be cleaned and restored in the same manner as other natural stone. Consequently, slate restoration should not be trusted to just anyone. The professional technicians at Fabra-Cleen are expert stone restorers, thoroughly educated and trained in identifying and resolving any problems with slate.

Our Slate Cleaning and Care

Our slate services include stripping and cleaning, color sealing, and enhancing. We can achieve the look you want for your slate finish, from glossy to low-luster or matte.

Stripping and Cleaning

Slate is often sealed or coated with layer upon layer of topical finishes that can only be removed the old-fashioned way, that is, with chemicals and by hand. After stripping, we clean the slate tiles and grout lines, removing the dirt and grime. The grout joints may have an uneven appearance from stripping, because old sealers can permanently discolor grout lines, which leads to our next service…

Color Sealing and Enhancing

Color sealing makes the appearance of grout lines uniform. We can apply color enhancing, glossy sealer to enrich the beautiful colors already present in your slate. Our sealers protect the slate, giving you time to clean spills before they become stains.

Visit our portfolio to view examples of our work cleaning, repairing, and restoring natural stone.

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