• Marble Countertop Seam Repaired

    Marble Countertop Seam Repaired

    This Manhattan countertop had a seam that had been cut and filled poorly. Our seam repair process dramatically improved the...

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  • Marble Vestibule Floor Restored

    Marble Vestibule Floor Restored

    We were called in to restore the floor, but it turned out that normal marble wear was not the only...

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  • Chipped Porcelain Tub Repaired

    Chipped Porcelain Tub Repaired

    We repaired a pretty significant chip in a white porcelain enameled steel bathtub...

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  • Matching Finish On Replacement Tiles

    Matching Finish On Replacement Tiles

    We refinished scratched, dull-looking marble to match newly installed replacement tiles...

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  • Historic Limestone Staircase Restored

    Historic Limestone Staircase Restored

    See how we removed hard, crusty carpet glue and decades worth of abrasive damage to restore the elegant appearance of...

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  • Caesarstone Restored

    Caesarstone Restored

    We received this call because the clients had "footprints" stains on their CaesarStone shower floor...

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  • Archdiocese


    Maintaining the carpet, upholstery and natural stone surfaces at the Archdiocese offices in NYC...

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  • Grout Color Sealed

    Grout Color Sealed

    Color sealing is an excellent option for home or business owners looking to give their grout a perfectly uniform look...

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  • Marble Vanity Top

    Marble Vanity Top

    In the first image, notice the hazy, dull look of this marble, a very common problem with marble vanities that...

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  • Chipped Granite Repair

    Chipped Granite Repair

    Chips, stains, cracks, or just a dull, worn look can diminish the appearance of granite. As you see in these...

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  • Marble Floor Polishing

    Marble Floor Polishing

    Many people see their dull, lifeless looking marble and assume the worst, that the stone is ruined and must be...

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  • Etch Removal

    Etch Removal

    Etching is damage that occurs on the surface of natural stone when an acidic substance, such as lemon juice or...

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