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Fine Rug Stain Removed

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    The water stain was very unsightly.
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    Notice the dramatic difference our rug stain removal services made.

Fine Rug Water Stain

Clients in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York waited over a year after a leak incident to address a water stain on their fine rug. They were not expecting the stain to come out, but decided to go ahead and schedule services with us before disposing of their expensive rug.

Our Rug Stain Removal Process

First, our highly trained technicians thoroughly vacuumed the rug to remove soil. Then, we pretreated the water stain with cleaning agents appropriate for a this type of rug, allowing ample dwell time for the solution to be absorbed by the rug fibers. We deep cleaned the entire rug and then went over the stained area several more times. After removing as much of the moisture as possible, we spread the rug flat to finish drying.

You can see for yourself how much better the rug looks. The owners were thrilled with its clean and fresh texture and appearance.

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