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Window Treatments

Care Tips for Window Treatments | Fabra-Cleen | NY | NJ | CT

Handle with Care

By far, professional cleaning of draperies, curtains, shades, and sheers is the best possible way to extend the life of your window treatments, but just as importantly, we want to make sure our clients are armed with good, sound care information.

When you close your window treatments each night, give them a gentle shake to keep dust and dirt from lodging in the fibers. If possible, rotate draperies or curtains to delay UV damage. About once per month, use a brush attachment and low-suction setting to vacuum, carefully avoiding embellishments such as tassels or trims. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for any further care, such as spot cleaning, machine washing or ironing.

Dry Clean Only

Never attempt to clean items that are labeled “dry clean only.” For example, we provide professional cleaning service for Hunter Douglas Silhouette® window treatments. Attempting to clean these or other dry clean only items yourself (or using the services of an incompetent cleaner) may cause irreparable damage that won’t be supported by the manufacturer’s warranty. In simple English, you’ll likely be the one paying to have them replaced.

To avoid problems with window treatments losing their shape, shrinking, or becoming damaged, let us professionally clean them. Contact us today to discuss your window treatment cleaning needs.