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Tips and Articles

Dispelling Carpet Myths

There are just some rooms you really prefer soft and comfy carpeting to cold, hard floors, but you’ve heard concerns about allergies or asthma. Breathe a sigh of relief. We’ve got good news…

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Beautiful Terrazzo

The great thing about terrazzo is even if it’s been buried under carpet or other flooring for years, or looks yellowed and ugly due to buildup and aging of topical coatings, its fundamental beauty is still there and can be restored by an experienced professional.

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Removing Annoying Carpet Indentations

There are some annoying little problems you might encounter when you rearrange furniture, like stubbed toes, dust bunnies, and carpet indentations. The first two problems are easy to resolve. Wear sturdy shoes. Vacuum. But carpet indentations? No worries. We’ve got the solution for you.

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Stone Restoration Can Save You Money… But It Can’t be Cheap

One of the most costly decisions you can make is choosing a contractor based on price only. A contractor who has not had the proper training or who has little or no experience with your specific type of natural stone may offer the cheapest price, but the cost in the long run may end up being far greater. Here are some tips for selecting your stone restoration contractor.

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Summer Carpet Care Tips

Summer is the perfect season for backyard barbecues and outdoor activities. However, this time of year brings an increase in humidity, foot traffic, and other factors that can diminish the cleanliness and appearance of your carpet.

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