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Summer Carpet Care Tips

Summer Carpet Care Tips | Fabra-Cleen | NY | NJ | CT

Summer Carpet Care Tips

Summer is the perfect season for backyard barbecues and outdoor activities with family and friends. However, this time of year brings an increase in heat, humidity, allergens, foot traffic, and pet hair, which can all diminish the cleanliness and appearance of your carpet and rugs.

Here are four tips for summer carpet care:

Vacuum Daily

During the summer, your regular once-or-twice-per-week vacuuming schedule may not be enough with kids home from school running in and out, pets shedding their coats, and open windows allowing more dust and allergens into your home. If vacuuming daily seems like a daunting task, just take five or ten minutes to thoroughly vacuum high traffic areas.

Use Mats and Rugs

High quality, course exterior mats in doorways scrape off larger chunks of muddy debris and dirt and remove excess moisture from shoes. Softer, more absorbent wiper rugs inside the doorway remove smaller particles and remaining moisture. Be sure to shake off or clean mats and rugs, as needed. Better yet, establish a no-shoes policy in your home.

Maintain Proper Ventilation

Carpets exposed to excessive, persistent heat and humidity become breeding grounds for dust mites, molds, bacteria, and allergens. To help prevent offensive odors and allergic respiratory symptoms from carpet, maintain proper ventilation. Running a quality air conditioning system cools, dehumidifies, and circulates the air and reduces the concentration of air pollutants that can collect in your carpet.

Professional Cleaning and Protection

Professional carpet cleaning is, by far, the best way to maintain clean a clean carpet. Vacuuming and spot cleaning are important, but professional cleaning removes pollutants that get trapped deep within carpet fibers, without leaving soapy residue that can attract more dirt. An application of professional carpet protection treatment will form a barrier against pollutants and make your vacuuming and spot cleaning more productive.

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