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Myth or Fact?

Myth or Fact? Dispelling Carpet Cleaning Remedies

Carpeting can be a beautiful part of any design, but sooner or later accidents will happen. A family member or a guest—or maybe even you—will spill something. Your cherished pet may have an accident. Wait! Before you grab the seltzer water, vinegar or other hand-me-down remedies know that many of those so-called cures are a bit mythical. Here are the three most common home remedies.

The White Wine Myth

If someone spills red wine on your carpet act fast, but don’t reach for the white wine. White wine is not actually white so all you are doing is pouring another fruit-based juice on your carpet.

Club Soda to the Rescue?

Have you run for the club soda to deal with a spill? Many people believe that the bubbles help lift the spot. In fact, club soda has become such a mainstream remedy that Scientific America decided to take a look. Their staff concluded that there is no chemical reason why club soda would remove spots. It doesn’t hurt, but plain water works just as well.

What About Vinegar?

A lot of people love to clean with vinegar. Countless pet owners dab pet accidents with this kitchen staple. The problem is, it only masks the smell, but does not clean the spot.

So what’s a homeowner to do when accidents happen? Remove any debris, blot with clean dry white cloths, dab with water, then use a spot cleaner recommended by the carpet manufacturer or your professional carpet cleaner. Beyond this, some spots simply need professional attention. So, if that spot persists, no myths about it, you really need to call a professional carpet cleaner.


This is one of a series of articles written and published  on behalf of Stone and Tile PRO Partners.