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How to Remove Cigarette Odor

Cigarettes stink. Although indoor smoking is less common now, you may find yourself in a situation where cigarette odor lingers. Whether you have recently purchased a home where someone smoked inside for years or your are a property owner with tenants who smoked inside, getting rid of the stench, resins, and tars can be quite a chore. Here are some tips.

Ventilation and Purification

Open windows and doors if the outdoor air quality is good. Set up fans, creating an intake and exhaust pattern to move air into and out of the indoor spaces. Use a HEPA air filter and have HVAC system ducts professionally cleaned.

Clean Hard Surfaces

Use a good cleaning solution to wipe down walls, ceilings, baseboards, fans, light fixtures, glass, and any other low- or non-porous surfaces that have come into contact with cigarette smoke. (Note: If you are using a vinegar and water solution for cleaning, be sure not to use it on natural stone, as this may cause etch damage. Always use a stone-safe, pH-neutral cleaner on natural stone.)

Clean Soft Surfaces

Wash laundry-safe items according to manufacturer directions. You may need to wash items several times. Have carpets, rugs, upholstery, window treatments, and other interior textiles professionally cleaned. Do-it-yourself machines will not achieve the same results as professional cleaning and may actually leave your space smelling worse.

Go Hardcore

In cases involving decades of heavy indoor smoking, extreme measures may be necessary. Try getting rid of lampshades, pillows, throw rugs, furniture, window treatments, and other porous items. If the odor persists, replace carpets, add a coat of fresh paint on the walls, and rent an ozone generator.

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