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Brian Kornet Inspires Peers at StonExpo

Brian Kornet, President of Fabra-Cleen, Inc. has something to say. And the industry is listening.

Fabra-Cleen, a company that provides cleaning and care for all interior surfaces, is well known throughout the New York area for exceptional customer service. Because of this, Brian Kornet, President of Fabra-Cleen, been asked to speak to the industry to share his message about what it takes to create a customer service driven business. His messages have been so well received that he has quickly become a highly sought-after presenter and is regularly invited to speak at important events and to organizations within the cleaning and restoration industry.

Recently, at StonExpo, the largest trade show to the stone industry, Brian made several well-attended presentations, engaging his audience with relevant information and inspiring his listeners to set higher standards in their own businesses.

Schubert Jacques, owner of Stone Makeover in New Jersey, was in attendance at one presentation entitled, “New Stone Restoration and Maintenance Standards.” Schubert praised the presentation, saying, “At the StonExpo conference last week, I had a chance to attend quite a few interesting seminars. I was especially impressed with the presentation by Brian Kornet from Fabra-Cleen. He eloquently emphasized the importance of customer service. The main takeaway from his presentation was that the image you establish with clients makes a lasting impression—you effectively create cheerleaders for your business when you operate with a customer focused and high standard of professionalism.”

With a passion for excellence for his own company and a desire to help his peers in the industry, Brian has become a welcomed voice of authority, urging those in the trade to reach for higher standards of professionalism. And the industry has shown that it is eagerly receptive to hear what he has to say. His messages have very real world applications for those striving to be the best they can be in their businesses.


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