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Brian Kornet, Golfing for the Kids

We have all been touched by knowing someone with cancer, but I believe no
child should ever have to face this battle themselves. Yet each year, the
parents of approximately 15,700 kids will hear the words “your child has
cancer.” For many years I have been involved with Ronald McDonald House by
serving on the fundraising committee for the Hibernian Providence Society. I
visit the house approximately 6 times each year and if you want to see the real
heroes of the world it’s the kids fighting their childhood cancer. It is
heart-wrenching to see these families fighting this dreadful disease. Ronald
McDonald House keeps these families with sick children together and near the
care and resources they need. This allows parents to solely focus on getting
their child better without having to worry about anything else.

This year’s golf outing is special for me as I am Golfing for the Kids.
Please join me in my endeavor to raise $20,000 to go directly to Ronald
McDonald House.

Please click the link below to donate.


Thank you for your support,

Brian Kornet
Fabra-Cleen Owner