Bring the sparkle back to your terrazzo floors…

Are your terrazzo floors yellowed, dirty, and just plain old-looking? Have you discovered once-beautiful terrazzo floors that have been hidden under your carpeting for decades? You’re probably wondering if terrazzo that far gone can be restored.

The good news is that unless your terrazzo has been severely damaged, it can be transformed to its former glory using essentially the same processes used in marble restoration.

Watch this video to discover how built-up waxes, yellowed coatings, etching, trapped dirt, scratches and other surface damage can be erased with professional stone restoration services. Most stains can be removed, and most chips, cracks, holes and other damage, including holes from carpet tacks along the walls, can be repaired. Learn more about terrazzo finishes, sealing services and more, including how to escape the ongoing cycle of waxing, stripping and re-waxing.

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